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Project Car Developement / Design
Over the last four years we have built over 60 themed vehicles for our clients. Going forward, we have even built Tuner cars for OEM's and people as well

We have consulted billion dollar companies on where to sponsor people,

The key to your business is your network, over the years we have developed a HUGE datbase of people and companies
New Business Development
So you work for someone and want to open your own business? We got all the answers.
"Just Good Advice"
So you own a property, or you just are starting one, we can give you the "Just Good Advice" how to do it. Here at Fox Marketing we have proven time and time again fast results, creative ideas, and sales packed concepts to make your event concept stand out from the crowd.
Many times we approach properties with creative ideas, they go for it, and we prove our wisdom.
If you want some help, we are here for you 100 percent with all the marketing / sales tools.

Either shoot us and Email or pick up the phone today and let’s get to talking.

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