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Project Car Developement / Design
Over the last four years we have built over 60 themed vehicles for our clients. Going forward, we have even built Tuner cars for OEM's and people as well

We have consulted billion dollar companies on where to sponsor people,

The key to your business is your network, over the years we have developed a HUGE datbase of people and companies

Event Consulting
From designing the theme of the show, promoting it to the masses, and even getting the sponsors to back it, we do it all..

Are you sick and tired of working that 9 to 5 job ?

Are you an entrepreneur at heart ?

Here at Fox Marketing we have gotten many good people like yourself off the ground and into a successful future. A killer Website, Great Image, Marketing, and finding the Consumer to buy your Product or Service is what you need.

Here at Fox Marketing we are here to help so give us a call today and let’s discuss ideas with you.


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