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Project Car Developement / Design
Over the last four years we have built over 60 themed vehicles for our clients. Going forward, we have even built Tuner cars for OEM's and people as well
The key to your business is your network, over the years we have developed a HUGE datbase of people and companies

Event Consulting
From designing the theme of the show, promoting it to the masses, and even getting the sponsors to back it, we do it all..


New Business Development
So you work for someone and want to open your own business? We got all the answers.

The secret to our successful sponsorship guidance is our keen eye for opportunity and knowledge in the automotive industry. We remain on the leading edge of marketing services to get you noticed before the competition does, and gaurantee you'll be more than satisfied with the results.

There is nothing in sponsorship that we have not done for years now. This isn't something we had to learn, it was a gift from God and we continue to teach others how to do so. Below you can find what category is of interest to you.
Car Builders
So you want to build a sick car, well we have every connection on the planet to make it happen. Over the years people have called upon us to get the edge on design, sponsorship, Marketing, and PR channels to get their cars shot. If you want an "off the hook car," then we are the only source to make your dream come true with PROVEN results. The bottom line is if you pay to get sponsored you are a sucker!! If you have the right opportunity for a company there isn't any money involved.

To submit a proposal to us:

You have a company and want to increase sales by exposing your brand to the masses. Well here at Fox we have every connection to make your brand an instant success. Contact a Representative today for a custom plan to attack the youth demographic.


You may have an exiting event or just starting one, we can help to bring sponsors to your property and teach you what makes sense to them. A lot of Properties have no idea what they are sitting on when it comes to dollars they are worth and we show you EXACTLY what you should be getting paid. From proposal, property vision, design, and sponsorship we are the number one source for those answers. We have done it tons of times, so let us teach you a thing or two. Don't sell your self short like most do. Pick up the phone and let us work for you.
Have any question about Sponsorship, please contact Fox Marketing at:
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